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Crafty Ideas for Winter Curb Appeal: Home & Design: REALTOR® Magazine

We can’t help it!  It’s December 6 and Christmas is in the air!

Randy and Christy spent most of yesterday afternoon “sprucing” up some holiday pine swags (pun intended!) to deliver to clients who just purchased new homes. 

Since we’re in full Decorating Swing for the holidays, we thought we’d just pass along a few tips we learned yesterday afternoon.

It’s E-A-S-Y to make your own holiday swag, especially in our part of the world.  In fact, you may have all the materials you need in and around your home already.

Of course, this time of year, real (or “genuine imitation”) pine boughs, wreaths and swags are available almost anywhere – even in some grocery stores.  We suggest that you may save some $ by looking in your own yard.  Perhaps you have a tree or evergreen that could use a bit of trimming anyway!

Same goes for pine cones.  After you find them on your property, decorate with spray glitter or flocking material or maybe even a light dusting of white or metallic spray paint.

Next, raid your holiday wrapping center for ribbon, raffia, or bows, themed “picks” & ornaments to adorn your handiwork.  Get creative! Use your imagination and ingenuity to give your wreath or swag your personal touch.

We suggest using green florist’s wire to secure the pine boughs together into a pleasing arrangement.  Wired ribbon makes for quick and beautiful bows.  Other “mechanics” include use of glue guns and ornament hooks.

Keep in mind that decorating with evergreens is perfect any time of year.  If you’re careful with theme and colors, your handiwork could serve your outdoor decor needs well past the holiday season.

In the real estate business, we call furnishings and decor “staging”.  We all like to “stage” our homes for those ideal Christmas and New Year parties, for sure.  But have you thought about how to best stage your property to make it attractive for potential buyers?

As an Accredited Staging Professional, Christy Oetken can help you make the most of your home’s floor plan, color scheme, furnishings, and decor.  Put her to work for you today!

For other ideas on maximizing your property’s Curb Appeal during the Holidays and beyond, visit

Crafty Ideas for Winter Curb Appeal: Home & Design: REALTOR® Magazine.

Happy Decorating!
Randy, Christy & “Browser”

p.s. This picture of Christy and “Browser” was taken at our Coeur d’Alene home, above Coeur d’Alene’s Bennett Bay.