Holidays December 1, 2011

ON THE LEVEL: Holiday Decorating Trends

We just LOVE Hibbard Construction’s Blog & Newsletter!  Here’s another fabulous post by Tammy Henry, that we thought we would pass along to you – just in time for holiday decorating!

Holiday Decorating Trends

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to crawl up into the attic and bring down those boxes of decorations.  Many of us have been using the same decorations year after year, and some of those decorations may look a little outdated by now.  If this is the case, you may want to update your decorations or add some new twists to your decorative flair.

Two trends in particular have been emerging, with very different themes and looks.  One is a more sophisticated theme, while the other stays more traditional. Here are a few must-try trends that will guarantee a fresh festive look for your home.

Seasonal sophistication

Green and red might be Christmas mainstays, but your holiday decor doesn’t have to depend on these two hues alone. This season, look to more sophisticated versions of those classic shades with some other, more versatile tones.  For the sophisticated theme, the colors are rich burgundies, deep golds, dark cranberry and hunter greens as color schemes.  You can focus your holiday decor on just one color throughout or a mix of two or all four.

Table setting

To really set a sophisticated scene, add a new tablecloth or table linens in these rich, elegant colors. Use solids for the placemats and a fun pattern for the napkins to add interest and depth. Salad plates in these shades mixed in with your standard china add a punch of color, while entertaining new stemware in festive, chic hues make a great accent for your holiday table.

Slip on slipcovers

Add slipcovers to your kitchen chairs or change the cushions on dining room chairs. This is a simple but noticeable change.  This freshens up your furniture without having to buy any new major item.

Accessorize accordingly

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a seasonal theme throughout your home is with accessories. Use these colors in accent pillows on beds or sofas, cozy throws or blankets, vases, candles or decorative bowls filled with ornaments in your chosen shades.

Punch up the powder room

New towels in seasonal solids, patterns or festive trims carry through your look effectively. The powder room is one room your guests will use, so don’t forget about it.

Upgrade your drapery

Change your everyday drapery to your new color scheme. Fabrics like velvets or silks add a sense of luxury for the holidays.

Tastefully traditional

The other emerging trend in holiday decor this season is sticking to more conventional decor elements.  At its essence, this means reliving childhood memories and creating new ones for your family.  To make your holiday decorating a  more interactive experience, get inspired with these tips for getting tastefully traditional in your home this holiday.

Think vintage

Incorporate vintage decorations that have a homemade feel to give your decor a more traditional quality. Also think about using handed-down ornaments from prior generations to really add a nostalgic twist.  “A few ornaments that were your great-grandmother’s, or other ornaments that were your parents’ allow you to share stories of past Christmas get-togethers. 

Get cultured

Incorporate your cultural background into your decor this season.  Using ethnic pieces reflecting a family culture creates a very personal, intimate feeling and pride of one’s heritage.

Do a decor swap

Consider swapping ornaments and decorations with family members who are far away and can’t join you for the holidays. This is a great way to warm up your space and make it feel like loved ones are close by, even when they can’t be.

Incorporate nature

Natural elements like branches, leaves, pine cones and berries make simple, charming decorative elements in a traditional Christmas spirit.

Tie in toys

Vintage toys that remind us of childhood, like red wagons, Tonka toys, and old train sets, can be used as accessories or decorations.  Ask your parents if they have some of yours or your siblings’ toys they have kept, or get a new train with the family that will eventually be used in a future Christmas with your grandchildren.

Whatever your tastes may be, there are a multitude of ways to update and create wonderful holiday decorating schemes on any budget.  Get creative and have fun!