Market News May 30, 2012

North Idaho Real Estate Market: You May Be Interested to Know…

We thought you’d like to know a few facts about our ever-changing (improving!) Real Estate Market in North Idaho:

Pending Homes sales are the highest they have been since they were impacted by the Home Buyers’ Credit back in April of 2010.

We are WAY AHEAD of the National Average in Annual Appreciation if you take out the “Boom Years”(late 04-07), and replace them with a steady consistent annual growth rate of 2.4%.

We are seeing Consistent Activity in the Higher End Market

Under $150,000 continues to be a Sellers market.

Now you’re asking yourself:

What in the world can I do with this information?

We’d love to help you leverage this info to your advantage. Call us today! We can help you:


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