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Real Estate Market News: Conclusions from CoreLogic’s August 2012 MarketPulse Report

Real Estate Market News: Conclusions from CoreLogic’s August 2012 MarketPulse Report

Hello Friends! Have you been reading news on the Real Estate Market lately? Seems that a lot of the news indicates a v-e-r-y slow but positive turn-around for our industry. We like to keep informed with reports from Market Research groups like CoreLogic. We stay informed, so that we can better keep YOU informed. Well, here’s what appears to be more GOOD NEWS from CoreLogic’s August 2012 MarketPulse Report. You can download these reports from CoreLogic for yourself, but here is the “digest” version of the most recent issue of MarketPulse. We’re encouraged by what we see here, and so we’re passing it along to you. The following quotes and conclusions are not our own; they are pulled directly out of the August 9, 2012 CoreLogic Media Advisory. This quote, directly from the August 2012 MarketPulse Report sums up the great news that we want to pass along today:

But there are three primary reasons to expect that today’s housing market really might be different this time – lower inventories, lower delinquencies and the low likelihood of foreclosures flooding the market – …This and other conclusions from our August MARKETPULSE report include:

  1. This fall, the housing market may avoid the slide that has occurred each of the last three years because of an improving balance between supply and demand, declining REO sale shares and a slowly declining foreclosure inventory.
  2. A lower likelihood of foreclosures flooding the housing market is beneficial because the market is more likely to absorb the inventory without dramatic changes in price.
  3. Many borrowers in both the boom and “rust-belt” markets lack the means to prevent serious delinquency due to their limited ability to refinance at a lower mortgage interest rate. Policies designed to offer options for borrowers to lower their interest rates further can help decrease the flow of future delinquencies.
  4. The current share of non-distressed sales is at its highest level since August 2008, positively impacting home prices, and is a sign of real improvement in the housing market.

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