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Home Improvement Want a Lowe’s Discount? Call us to see how you can get 10% off coupon at Lowes! Randy or Christy Oetken 208-660-0506 Oetken@RealEstate-Browser.com http://www.lowescreativeideas.com/Home.aspx
Build Your Custom Home ON THE LEVEL: Finding Solutions for your Storage Needs Here is another helpful and informative article from Hibbard Construction‘s Newsletter, “On The Level” Is the solution to your storage problem consist of adding shelves, installing cabinets, and buying wardrobes and armoires?  Well that might be a temporary fix, but the best way to address your storage issues is when you are remodeling your home. […]
Build Your Custom Home Building or Remodeling? Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components – What is the longest-lasting Deck for the back yard? – Are Granite Counters worth the high price tag in the long run? – How long will it be before we really MUST paint the house again? – Should we spring for the Hardwood Flooring or go with the Laminate? – Is the  “50 Year […]
Build Your Custom Home ON THE LEVEL: 12 Popular Kitchen Trends for 2011   Here are some popular kitchen trends for new or remodeled kitchens this year, from our friends at Hibbard Construction. Popular Trends to Consider Maximize food prep and dining space. Dual islands, tiered islands and island/peninsula combinations provide space for preparing meals, dining and storage. Pull-out cutting boards and tables can also help to extend […]
Acreage On The Level: Hire the Right Contractor! Here’s another great article from our friends at Hibbard Construction, offering  valuable advice on on hiring and working with contractors. Considering a home remodel in the near future?  If you are thinking of hiring a contractor to do the job for you, it is important to have a plan before you embark on your home improvement […]
Activities We LIKE This Basement Remodel! Thinking of remodeling?  This project was done very well, but it makes me tired just thinking about it!
Free ON THE LEVEL: Save Money on Utility Bills This Winter Here’s some more great stuff from our friends at Hibbard Construction. Our summer tans have long since faded, the patio furniture and BBQ grill have been stored and the first winter snowfall has already hit the Treasure Valley.  It is safe to say winter has officially arrived and for many so have enormous heating costs. […]
Curb Appeal Most Bang for Your Buck: Replace the Front Door in 2011! Daily Real Estate News  |  December 16, 2010  |   Owners Recoup More with Exterior Home Projects As part of the 2010-11 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, Realtors® recently rated exterior replacement projects among the most cost-effective home improvement projects, demonstrating that curb appeal remains one of the most important aspects of a home at resale time. “This year’s […]
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